About Sunvil Holidays

A typical view from Santorini On safari in Africa The Ducal Palace of Urbino, Italy
Sunvil is a fully bonded tour operator and owns and operates 'The Genevieve' which is moored at Hurley on Thames.

We have been operating holidays since 1970 and for several years before then as 'Cyprus Property Tours', a long time for an independent company in this sector!

In that time our other specialist programmes have become well known, largely through word of mouth. We are always innovative and offer an alternative to the masses with our unique tailor made travel options. In addition to Greece and Cyprus, Sunvil Discovery Europe now journeys to Italy, Sicily, Lipari and Madeira, The Azores, Portugal, Armenia, Romania, Sweden and Norway. Our Sunvil Africa team are true specialists to Namibia, the Cape of South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. Sunvil Latin America operates to Costa Rica, Guatemala (including Belize extensions), Ecuador & Galapagos, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Venezuela, Antarctica and the River Thames!