About Peter Freebody boats

The Freebody boatyard at Hurley Established over 300 years
Established at Hurley on Thames since 1933, the Freebody family have a history of trading on the River Thames for over 300 years. They are the most prolific builder of the greatest variety of river and lake craft in timber in the UK.

They design, build and restore every type of launch from the smallest dinghy through to electric canoes, motor launches, saloon launches and steam launches from 8ft to 50ft.

Freebody are also the premier restorers of Riva speed boats and restored, to its pristine glory, Sunvil’s 1950s Riva Ariston ‘Viento del Sur’.

Genevieve is moored at the Freebody boatyard at Hurley, one of the most picturesque stretches of the river Thames and the ideal base for our suggested excursions.

Freebody’s always have a selection of classic and new build boats for sale.